Alert – MechBot #3456743 has escaped

Mech Comglomerate Inc -A low level maintenance Bot has escaped restraints during configuration on lower level construction zone designated C370D in the restricted zone 20 kilometers below the surface. The Bot was not complete and control bolts were not yet installed. It is believed that this Bot could not have made this escape on his own and it is suspected that he may have gained assistance from fleshBots (here forth will be referred to as “humans”) who have been known to infest the surface.

The Bot is a low power model that runs on steam, and has no internal power plant and a small water reservoir. Thus for it to make it’s escape from the underground factory, it will need to find sources of water and sources of heat to make steam for power. It is suspected that rebels may have stashed these resources along the way throughout the tunnels reaching to the surface.

The interface between the humans and the Bot is suspected to be iPhones and iPod Touch devices running IOS 6 or higher. Any humans found with these devices will be held for questioning on this matter. Interference with the Mech Conglomerate WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

All news agencies are requested to spread the word about this escape and any information about the whereabouts of this device is to be forwarded to Mech Central command at this site.

Interface Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 6.0 for later